Thursday, 7 May 2009

friends support you. so does your BRA.

so yeah. it's the time in my life when i'd have to leave home.

i'd soon be leaving my family, friends, cat, tv, computer, psp, mcfly, adam lambert, tom felton, chucky k, aaron renfree, my bed, my house, my computer chair that has served me so well for this past 5/6 months (whoahh) and etc. etc.


so i've been shopping with my mum, buying this buying that.
and guess what i bought? *drumrollllllll*


NEW BRA, NEW CONFIDENCE?! (the new tagline to some bra company)

hahahahha. oh yeah. we'll just see how well the confidence booster works, yeah.
i'll let ya'll know.

gosh. searching in google images for a bra's wild out there!
bahahahah, i had to soak my eyeballs in dettol for that wild ride.
seriously. so wrong. anddd i just typed in the word bra!!

speaking of which, went out with afi today! for the last time ever. before we get shipped off.
and we dok jalan2 in Gurney. and we saw a shop!
hahahah. i think you know what shop, afi.
hahahahhaha. the vendors are guys!! bahahahahaha. sigh. up to you lah what you wanna sell kan.
i was really surprised, actually when i saw the shop. hahahahahha.
i mean you knoww.... :D :D

(you probably DON'T know..but oh well.)

right. hahahah. that's all i gotta say.



Afi said...

it would be one of our inside jokes. or something
but really so wrong lol

Shahira! said...

You sound like a little girl buying her first bra! =P

Monica said...

HAhahah! Aih Sarah, using "bra" as an excuse to look other things up now, eh ? *nudgenudge*

HAHAH :P I kid, I kid. *bursts into an eminem song*

Again, not very happy with you for leaving. *slits neck*