Friday, 22 May 2009

hobey ho!

yo ho yo ho.

sarah lee is back for the weekend, baby!

so how is living away from home? living in a dorm with 38 girls?
learning to seriously study by yourself? being gila blur in lectures?
lining up for the toilet at 5.30 am?
lining up for food for every meal of the day?

it's all gooooooooood.

orientation was nice. the seniors all macam best jugak lahh.
got this "abang senior" lol.. my friend and i call him abang esok. coz he's from terengganu
and the way he say esok is like,, "esok! esok!" (yeah, say the word esok with the exclamation mark)

and then, in Kolej Mara Kulim, got to units of students lah,
one is the matriculation kids and then there is the FiST-UniKL kids.

FiST kids ada this cheer thing, where one person will say "perhatian" and this is how it goes.

A: Perhatian!
FiST kids : FiST!!!
A: Perhatian!
FiST kids : FiST!!!
A: Perhatian!
FiST kids : FiST FiST FiST!!!!
A: Perhatian!

(lol. it's kinda cool lah)

my temporary name tag. I am never gonna post up or show to anyone my real Matrik Card.
coz the picture sucks! heh.

this is the dorm cat punya anak. Yes, the DORM cat. Dorm Visi's mascot.

basically, i'm a having a blast over there in kulim.
made great friends.

from left : Zira, Anis and Intan.

i'm just bummed out that they're holding the manifesto presentations (for student council votings) tonight instead of tomorrow night.
i can't watch!!
how are the people who went home supposed to vote?!

so since i didn't hear their manifesto and wont be able to choose according to their speech and what not.

so, here is who i'm gonna vote for :
pictures of their posters next time lah i shall put up. (i asked my friend to curi for me. lol.)

candidate A : Beg Merah Dude.
why? : he looks very cool ; AURA BAGUSS. and his poster is the only poster yang fully in english.

candidate B : Kuala 'Ganu Dude.
why? : very funny guy ; can sometimes look like p. ramlee ; bloody attention seeker.

candidate C : Iylia Islam bin [i'm not sure what his dad's name is]
why? : his name is wayyy cool. to me lah.

see? this is how the people yang tak dapat watch the manifesto speeches will vote. DAMN YOU SPR :D :D :D

now moving on:




fuyyyoooo. SARAH LEE POYNTER ROSLI is very very very bummed out.

KRIS ALLEN (i dont despise kris or anything, don't get me wrong) won instead of my ADAM LAMBERT.

but no matter. he already made it and he'll be big in the future.
rock the guyliner, dude! lol.

it was hilarious when ryan seacrest said : It's the guy-next-door Vs. the guyliner.

the finale show was the BOMB.

when adam sang with KISS. WHOAAAA. i was WHOAAAA.
i'm still searching for the video. heheheh.

still, Adam. . kamu hebat. datanglah berconcert do malaysia!

moving on lagi :



today, on the 22nd of june,

two important stuff came through the mail!
the first, my PLKN/NS letter came. lol. that's not important at all actually. saja je nak mention. heheheh.

now the important one lah. PERFECT TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was soooo happy!! coz it was supposed to sampai on the 28th of May. But it sampai early!!

it was the bomb!!! not being biased at all. it was seriously the bomb!
with the extra mcfly evolution documentary as well.
seriously THE BOMB.

see? on the CHARTS. Top 10 Music DVD. MCFLY #1 on the charts!!

oklah. over an out.

~sarah rosli~
p.s. i miss everyone.


Monica said...

hahha 'over and out', you ingat you siapa, seacrest kah? :P

I know which one's your shoe! See how much of a good friend I am. *beams oh so proudly*

Hee :P

You BETTER show me the McFly DVD one day! Or else I'll go through with that plan where I watch it... without YOU. How did I get the dvd? WHO KNOWS, SARAH, WHO KNOOOOOOWS.

Sorry the assiness, my flu is irritating the hell out of me right now Heh *sniff sniff SPLAT*
*mucus everywhere*
Ewwww :P :P

ADAMMMMMMMMM! He's so freaking sexy seriously ;D Especially when he sang "Kiss From A Rose" at Upright Cabaret. *melts* Can't wait for his album!!

Noor Aida said...


omg you got the dvd already!!! tak aci ni!

i watched some of the vids d... AWESOMENESS!!
dude have you watch mcfly's interview with JLC? funny shit weyh!!you should go watch it if you belum but tom tak de since he was sick.. now pun belum fully recovered..

and oh kris!!!!!!!

Shahira! said...


Afi said...