Saturday, 6 June 2009

black jack

sarah is in the heeezyyyy.
hahahah. did sarah get the term right? "in the heezy?"

sarah is trying to stall from finishing up all the tutorials and assignments.

sarah is trying not to laugh at herself for referring herself as a third person.

sarah suddenly remembers that she has not finished her part for the bio lab report and realizes that her group mates WILL kill her.

sarah texts mon about how she did not bring "something" back because she forgot and left it in her dorm and tells mon that she will remember to bring it home next time so that she can show it to mon.

sarah is off to kulim again tomorrow.

sarah suddenly reminisces about good ol' higschool days.

sarah feels like a huge tool speaking like this.

sarah wishes to never repeat this absurdity.

sarah slaps herself dramatically.

I am back to normal.

and i'm going to sleep :D :D :D


~sarah lee poynter Rosli~

1 comment:

Monica said...

*mon slaps sarah just as dramatically for forgetting that "something"*

:D :D :D