Friday, 3 July 2009

i'm back!!! home.
from college.

yes. right before i left,, my friend reminded me to make sure i study at home.
yes. study. at. home.

why? because i have a chem quiz this sunday, a bio quiz on monday, another chem quiz on wednesday, a maths quiz on thursday, and our mid-sem trials on the next sunday.

jeez. they sure know how to grind our noses into dust huh?

anyway. supposed to balik study, but sampai penang only,

hilarious movie. watch it. no... WATCH IT!!!!

then tomorrow at 11.30am.

(ok. the poster is quite obscene. miss fox!! )

so anyway.
still we just had our english week.
every class had to either participate in the P.Ramlee Night or The Booths of Amun-Ra.
My class was lucky enough to get P.Ramlee Night.

It was a blast. we have to stage a 10 min sketch of any p.ramlee movie. must include the songs and all. and the songs must also be in english.

[this is where the video is supposed to appaer. but the babi video wouldnt load.i left it the whole night!! damn you. next time lah ok rakan rakan. coz i gtg get my ass back to college]

for all my special readers out there, you get exclusive footage of the favourite scene of the night.
the Aci-Aci Buka Pintu Song.
but even so, the sound system was did not co-operate with us that night,. so the singing and the music is a bit drowned by the wild screaming of uncontrollable hormonal adolescent girls and boys.

so if rajin, look for the aci aci buka pintu rock version. and play along to the video :D

or. just watch the damn video.
just for your knowledge, "the ghosts" feels extremely malu after their performance and if you'd like to watch the behind the scenes of their rehearsals, just let me know. lol.
i seriously have blackmail material against them.sorry guys.
but still anyway. i'm so proud of you guys! so berani and stuff, owning the stage.
go class C!!!!!!!! wooohooooooooooooo.
now moving on to some random pictures.

we had larian kakom last saturday.
and we took this picture. which i deem, the why are we posing like this? picture.

then during the walk itself, i took pictures of my friends lah.

then this happened.

this dude just suddenly stopped beside Zira and didnt move untill i clicked. so i clicked lah. then he smiled and went off. it was hilarious.

ok. enough fun times and good stuff.
gtg. till the next post, readers!

you know you love the oh so perasan blog author, Sarah R.

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Monica said...

Those Transformer's publicists sure know how to make use of their assets, eh? ;) Bhaha! It's supposed to be about the robots man! >:/

And man that random dude in the photo was so lawak! :P I wanna see video! :/ Soon, yah? :D

Pi study la you.. curi curi tulang pula.. :P :P HEE.