Friday, 24 July 2009

a holiday of sorts.

the holidays have begun!
wooohoooo. two weeks of blissfull sleep, telly, food, and homework -.-


anyway. just an update. 25 of us went to Kolej Mara Seremban for the first ever Mara English Carnival (17th - 19th July 09)

during the whole carnival, there were lotsa activities la. including the pramlee musical and world booths. (where every booth represents a different country)

12 [11 from my class, class C and one from class D]of us represented the college for the P.Ramlee musical.
and the rest for the booth.

Reminiscing P.Ramlee Night was on the 18th. which was a saturday. the day united played against malaysia. -.- damn you, owen.

even though we tak menang. we know we did our best. and we had a blast!!
it was like a freaking holiday. dahlah our exams baru only finish.

like kaiwen always say.... picture speaks louder then words.
(actually.. i'm just very lazy to tell the story in detail. :D )

our quite epic snapshots.semua budak class C.

everyone from the contingent gets split up for these groups. this is my group. group 7/green. won two prizes! 2nd place for amazing language race (which i proudly say i took part in)
and 3rd place for cheer.

the tear and gobble session.

the "goblin" and "mr harry potter" here are student council members of KMS. and they were going around the dining hall trying to make people talk to them. by shoving microphones in our faces. lol. i make them sound evil. this is revenge! just beacuse we wanted to take a photo, doesnt mean we nak talk to youuu.... heh

hours before showtime. husn and i we're trying to get a photo. when the two mangkuks azim and shafiq datang menyibuk. and if you look, there's a girl behind there holding a broom. lol. that's aima :D

after the show, hawa and i tracked down people who we're dressed up differently.

ok this one. for me. quite special lah. lol. these guys we're the first one that we tracked down i think. yeah. they're dressed that way coz they we're the thieves in the story ali baba dan 40 penyamun. they we're the penyamun if you didnt catch my drift.
their play was really nice! very happening!

this one. just normal lah. the ones in white were the emcees of the night.

then before we ended the night, we had another "photoshoot"
one at the gates of KMS.

and at the parking lot. ahhh. the wonders of cameras with self timers! and someones car.
:D :D

oh yea. introducing the ghosts of our play. azim, najib and radzi. nice right the skeleton baju?

then the next day. during the booths exhibition. starting with KMKulim! wooohooo. with the theme Egyptian!
all the booths were damn cun-ted!

this picture is dedicated to hawa! :D the two guys are from the China booth, but we we're standing in front of the Japan booth. hmmm...

see? the Japanese people. in front of the Japan booth.

the one i found kinda cool. the Romans. because the guys were wearing togas. lol.

the hawaiaans. the guys from hawaii we're wearing really cool floral shirts with khaki pants.

and the team that won it all. the Sudans. damn cun!

and a last picture at the park outside.


over and out


Monica said...

so may people, yet none of The Alphabet. You tak berskill la seriously! :P

And I nak tell you something!! regarding one of the pics :P

The costumes all damn nice la wey! :D I like the Roman one :D

Anonymous said...

tom felton = 100 000 followers only!?




Very niiiiceee! I love the last picture! So.. ber-happy :S HEH! :D

Oooh Mon I like the Roman one too! :)) Our college had some Roman thing too, but it was done by the MassCom people :)

Keep updatin, woman! :D

Anonymous said...

cute seh....gambor2 aku tuh...