Wednesday, 29 July 2009

go split why don't you?! (pegi belah lah lu)

ok. of course all of you woould know that the Shout Awards baru je lepas right?

so to those yang did not catch it Live on 8tv. (or did not go sendiri to bukit jalil...)

you guys have to, HAVE To check this out.

so during the Shout Awards the main attratction, like whoa coz he's an international-artiste-thing was Sean Kingston.

drama nak mampus boleh tak?!!
at the start he's like standing there with his two possee.
then with his SO many body guards.
come on!!! one of the body guards followed him on stage. i mean...COME ONNNN!!!!!!!!
does malaysia look so dangerous that you're life is in danger when you walk on stage for the dunno how many minutes?
you're just like the cherry on a piece of moist belgium chocolate cake.
where some people just eat the cake and leave the cream and CHERRY behind.
lol. sarah is such a mean-o-holic.
but yeah....more people probably went there to see our local talent! like bunkface ( they won 3 awards, ok! including The Ultimate Shout! Award )

and when he performed =.=' at the end... should just watch it on youtube. and then tell me what you think.
and then his walk.
i dunno. i just find comment.

up to you lah sean kingston oi. maybe that's just "the way he rollllssssssssssss"

~sarah anak kepada rosli~
the one who clearly has Sean Kingston on her list to voodoo.

ok...i just finished watching the whole show. and then the post show hosts ask a lot of people lah. what was your favoourite performance.

they said Sean Kingston.




Monica said...

never really liked sean kingston myself :/
on friday you just show me la the video k? :P

Afi said...

lol NICE ONE mate.LOL

Shahira! said...

But yeah, Sean Kingston didn't even sing that much!