Thursday, 6 August 2009

it's not a joke. really.

it really isn't a joke. it's real.
it really is.

what the heck am i going on about?

H1N1. the global epidemic. am i using the word right? global epidemic? or is it pandemic?
well whatever it is....looks like it's spreading reaaal fast.

well. i'm back home.
as my college was just closed. yesterday.
so...i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkk....for a week.
it was havoc on the day of the announcement. they just had an announcement right in the middle of lecture. and bam! everyone has to leave the college immediately.
i think most of us we're just in shock. sort of. coz not many we're actually taking it seriously.

so anyyway.
my parents had a small dinner party tonight. and it was a full moon.

think werewolves and werewolves and....werewolves...and have i mentioned werewolves?
damn. my knowledge about full moon myths suck.

check this kan.

see the little thing on the uncles shirt? it's like an insect right?
lol. i hope you didnt try to wipe it of your computer screen just now.
well. that insect is INSIDE the camera.
honestly. HOW WEIRD IS THAT!??

and.. i've been busy-ing myself with youtubing!
woohooo. that's the life mann.

so anyway. i;ve watched videos of adam lambert.
gosh. he is just as sexy as everrrrrrrrr. like omg. *bimboness alert*
but yeah. he's alright on the looks factor. *shrugs* check this.

seriously how cute can they both get?!
but still. people are using their wonderful friendship as a gossip thingy. where they say adam macam ada some'in some'in with kris.
there's even this name thing. kris+adam=kradam.



-peace out-


ciretera ceritaku said...

hye sarah...
rmember me??
ur childhood frens..

Noor Aida said...

hahhaha i watched the video long time ago!! kris is so adorable!! kan memang lambert has a 'thing' for kris...hahah..WEREWOLVES!! woot!

Monica said...

Lol, same with Aida, I've already watched it! Sarah sloooooooooow. :P :P
But it was super adorable kan??? xD

Dude. The insect is just freaky o_O

Think werewolves, think.. sambal perisa ayam D:

Afi said...

MANAKALA SAYA masih lagi di kuala nerang. sad sad.

Shahira! said...

Kradam doesn't sound nice at all. =P

ciretera ceritaku said...

i kat jblah.. my hometown..
but now i`m in kl, finish my holiday...
kolej ttopo smingu sbb h1n1...

Alia'a said...

wahuahuahuahuahua!! *that's my new laughter by the way* nice one. me like the werewolf bit.

ikaaa said...

i do believe kris is happily married
so kradam is totally freaky i think