Tuesday, 3 November 2009

i have them tied up in my basement.

danny is used for my personal serenade-er.
harry is obviously my personal trainer.
tom cooks up delightful and scrumptious meals (3 times a day excluding between meals snacks)
and dougie.... *winks suggestively*

well dougie-boy is special..................he......... helps my mum dig out worms.
awwww.......shucks. he's so sweet.

yes, sarah. use the boys for labour then chuck em back into your non-existant basement.

sarah the oh-so-amazing-most-inconsistent blogger is BACK to rule the INACTIVE blog world!!
give me an amin!!!

so i've been back for two weeks and two days i think. around that lah.
and i'm only writing this blog, two days before i'm going back to my beloved
college in kulim. back to lectures, tutorials and pop quizes.
boy, i'm looking forward to it.
and THAT is how i earned my most sarcastic trophy that is gloriously enhancing my dust covered non-existant trophy rack.

word of the day : non-existant

so guess what? i just recently bought the last 10th book of the Pendragon series.
The Soldiers of Halla. i cannot wait to finish it.
sad part is. i bought this cover :

which is a TOTALLY different cover from the covers that i usually buy which is :

dammit lah. but then i thought nevermind lah. try to save money that is not yours in the first place. this one is hard cover and cost about rm79.90
while the one i bought is only rm 29.90 see why i made the sacrifice?

well. the reason we buy the book is to read the inside and not just to make sure it looks nice on the racks right? RIGHT??? RIGHHTTTTTT???????????? ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*screams so loud until vocal chords detach, flys out of mouth and lands on keyboard*


sarah : ello? [answers using morse code since my vocal chords are on the keyboard]
person : hi! i'm a representative from Dune Entertainment.
sarah : huh. [not morse code but a mere grunt]
person : yeah. we heard about the vocal chords incident. you just landed yourself a role in
jennifer's body as one of jennifer's psychotic vocal chord-less non-existant neighbour!
sarah : thanks?? i think? [back to morse code]
person : uh-hm. no problem. one more thing. leave them chords on the keyboard.

ahhhhhhhh. i have'nt ironed my baju kurung! i hope i don't forget.

annnyywayyyyyy, been watching glee after being introduced to it by afi juddsterr.

i've only watched until the 4th episode. yes. sad i know.
still. tis a GREAT show. I LOVE GLEE. puck is growing on me.
after i saw him singing sweet caroline on youtube (ha-ha) i was hooked.

now what i wanna talk about about glee is episode 4.
lol. when they did the single ladies bit?
gosh. i loved it!! so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hence the mucho huge amount of exclamation marks.

ok. my blog juice is drying up. i shall go and tan myself under the moonlight now.




Monica said...

"he.. helps my mum dig out worms." LOLL!

RM50 difference just for the cover?? DUDE, that's.. extortion to the 160th degree! Insane, I tell you, INSANEEEEEEE. *pulls hair out*

I watched the Single Ladies one, Lol! :P Feel like watching la. Highly recommended by you, sure? You tanggung all responsibility if I should not like the show? Will ya, WILL YA???


Shahira! said...



Ooh ooh I loooove gleeee! I didn't love the first episode though haha my sister was trying to get me hooked months ago. Haha :)

I like the Mattress episode! :D

Azra said...

dont you just love it when the books look good on the racks?

I highly recommend 'Cal Leandros' series...well, not that they sell the series here. Cool heroes!