Friday, 20 November 2009

of shirtless wolves.

ok. so i'm actually updating in college. tutorial room 315.

yes. people don't know that the best wi-fi connection is up here.
besides more privacy whatttttttttt kan.

hey, get your mind out of the gutter you fool.
i'm not comfortable in having people passing by and staring at what i'm looking at.
so sue me, right?

so exactly what is Sarah bt Rosli doing looking at "things" in a room where no one else can see what she is looking at?

hmmmm.. hahahah. this of course.

new moon trailer. muahahahahah.

reasons why we should go and watch New Moon:

1. Jacob Black
2. Taylor Lautner
3. Shirtless Taylor Lautner (yes, it makes a big BIG difference)

in the trailer he tells us about the diff between jacob in twilight and jacob in new moon. lautner says, well his Physicality. he's a lot bigger. he's 30 pounds........bigger. lol.
like so proud of his achievement. so adorableeeeeeeeeeeee.

hell to the yeah,.

i've bincang-ed this fact with my friends. but they prefer edward cullen. not the book cullen. but the MOVIE cullen.
sorry, rob pattinson just does not have any appeal to me.
but mr lautner,,,,, come to sarah, shark boy!

hahah. well. that's it. the only reason for this post is. taylor lautner who i can never forget as shark boy.
especially when he sang that "sleep sleep" song in shark boy and lava girl.

you know what? i don't think i'll always remember him as shark boy.
i'll always remember him now as the hot hot hotness shirtless jacob black.


eleh... as if YOU won't.

~sarah lee poynter rosli~


Monica said...

Why hellllllloooooo wolfboy ;D Lol!

Did you see the website at the end of the video? "" hahaha nice.

Go watch this!

nabeeha aziz said...

sarah, kite da add u kat fb..
approve me k..


Anonymous said...

1 WORD ~ D.A.M.N!!!


Anonymous said...
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