Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ti Amore!

coughing from all the dust...
the dust on my dashboard...
the blogger dashboard..
all the dust accumulated from not blogging for a while.

that was a weak joke. WEAK.


gosh. my creative writing just not flowing.
it's as if the "flow" is clogged by a huge wad of wet tissue paper.
ugh. gross.

ok so first things first.
i'm finished with matriculation!!
eventhough i might be overjoyed that the torture is over,

i will totally and definitely will miss everything about being at Kolej MARA Kulim.

so to celebrate being back and being officially injected with the spirit of blogging again,
i shall introduce you to the PUMA's hardchorus!
hahahah. i personally think that they rock.

eventhought it's waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy past V-day, still.
it's awesome!

it's not what men do when Match day falls on V-day BUT
what men do when V-day falls on Match day.
hahaha. see how the sentence is lined up?

just make sure you check this out.

the BRITS version

the ITALIAN version

peace out.


lets see if you know who i am. said...

and sweet very nice

lets see if you know who i am again. said...

ohh lupa wanna say
i totally find the starting of the first video cute. when they start to sing ;D