Friday, 23 April 2010

Cougar's got your back.

it's smokin.
it's HOT.
hotter than mexico's greatest Jalapenos.

hotter that the oh so famous Tobasco sauce!

HOTTER than Malaysia's Udang masak sambal Petai!

and DAMN RIGHT HOTTER than the Eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano!
( pronounced as ey-yaf-yalla-yow-kool )

and let me tell you that the eruption was HOT!
(for more info and pictures on the recent eruption, please go to )

but what i'm gonna share with you is a million times hotter!!

what's Hotter than Hot?! *drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll*


this is one hell of a movie. based on the graphic novel, under DC Comics by Jack Kirby.
it's funny, action-packed, great cinematography, feels like a comic book, awesome sharpshooter skills, all-in-all GREAT.

yes, i should get some sort of commision for voluntary promotion of the movie.
hahah. "commision" for "voluntary" work. sweet.

so let me introduce you to the losers!
Ex-army dudes who are totally skilled in their work and totally buff.
hahah. the end statement is a mixture between my professional side and my OHMYGOD THE BUFFNESS AND HIS HOTBOD IS MOUTHWATERING.


anyway,, back to the introductions.

starting with the head honcho CLAY.

the boss of the gang i guess you could say. it's usually his call.
the others sometime call him colonel.

another one of the losers is his sort of love interest? or ummm.. physical interest? lol.

a total bad-ass-chick! tough as a nail and rough as sandpaper? but still manages to maintain her hotness.
a total role model to young little girls out there.
hahah. maybe not.

then there's Roque.

well. Roque is to me just a dude who you probably dont wanna cross.
i'd love to elaborate but then it'd totally be a spoiler for the movie.

next is Cougar!

this dude is really cool. he's probably like the best. no. THE BEST sharpshooter out there.
yeah. i dont care that he's not a real person but just a character. he's still awesome.
he's the dude who practically has everyones back in the movie.
and he doesnt even have many lines in the movie.
he just shoots people. very accurately.

then, there's POOCH.

hahah. he's usually the driver for the whole gang.
drives anything with wheels. a van, army jeep, school bus, you name it.
everywhere he goes he brings his trusty dog figurine which is absolutely adorable.
and the fact that he totally loves his wife is really just the icing on the already delicious cake.

and finally JENSEN.

lol. this dude is totally funny. the hacker. of course every great team needs a great hacker.
he is THE BOMB.
totally hilarious. the way he always keeps himself posted about his niece's soccer team, The Petunias is super adorable.

yup. the "dont stop believing" singer. lol.

so....what are you guys waiting for?! *in movie trailers voice*
jump into your car and drive to the nearest cinema and catch the movie The Losers.
You'll never regret it.

*smiles brightly*


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Azra said... so hits!!
The movie's so damn good and yep! Jensen's so freakin HOT!!!