Wednesday, 30 January 2008


finally i get to blog myself!!!
mysterious blogger isnt here im afraid. sorry to disappoint you guys.
go to his/her punya blog la.
haha. yes. he/she ada blog jugakkk.
go la and look for the link somewhere on this page yea?

eh "mysterious blogger", i should get paid for the promoting that im doing here k.

ok.moving on. all talks about mysterious blogger stops now.
so what have we all been up to.
eH. nnormal boring stuff la basically..
guess what? i followed mon and bought meself a glass of
mon's black concoction of DOOM!! haha. nice......
and we started painting the mural. apparently what i was painting is the sea anemone.
i thought its some coral thingamajig. heheh.

so then we also received the question paper for SPM arts!!wow.
choosing a question is SO freaking stressful! who would have guessed right.
i think i minght be going for the Batik question because i dont think i can draw perspektif or
build a model of a kitchen.
so lets just our best la kannnn.

i just watched American Idol and then got this 'Sarah' girl. supposedly she's goth la.
aiyoyoyoyo. girlfriend, youre like memalukan all the other Sarahs of the world ok!
my dad was like laughing and saying,

dad: Sarah, thats you laahh.

aiyoooyyoo. not good man. not good.

ooh. and guess what? i found a card that i made for my dad for father's day in i-have-no-idea-what-year-it-was.

so then i saw what i wrote behing the card.
check this out! :

behind the card : Ini adalah hak cipta terpelihara Sarah and Company.
If found, please return to our premises or call us at
015-5555555 or email us at
Thank You!

This is not ciplak one you know!

haha. how interesting ei?
sometimes when i look back at all the cards and whatnots, like so hilarious because
of what i write and stuff. its like w-e-i-r-d-o material you know.
heheh. and then using all the materials like crayons and art block and stuff.
how times have change ey?

and then right just now, my freind just told me the biggest scandal ever kot!
the scandal is sooooooooooooo...............scandalous!!!!!!!
haha. no, really. it is.
out of common courtesy and self-righteousness, i wont blog about it of course.
muahahaha. im too nice.

and i've also finished my chocolate that mother bought for me.
i need more though.
and also doses of catherine tate!
miss her "face?bovvered" remarks.

ooohhh...and its true what hey say about kiki the small wonder's choc cookies!
we were like eating it on the stairs. i mean like eating while walking down
the stairs.
then some prefect fella [i'd say b****] came along and said in the most *************** manner ever,
" you cant eat it like thatttt..."
as to say that we cant eat anywhere else besides the canteen.
well you can just bugger off you little twit you!
what can we do if our stomachs was growling wildly and all.
get gastric just because of your bloody stupid rules?
yeah least say it nicely la. we're not made up of dirt you know...
of course im just blowing up a big issue, but i dont like my stomach being denied of
food ok!
sensitive issue here!
i dont like you. yup. i dont.

ahhh,,so im kinda glad that next week got cuti.
haha. how sweet.of course theres bound to be homework and stuff.
but still....its better than normal right!

i would also like to thank afi's sister for the very delicious McFLY cake.
i just ate it just now.
it was the picture of them during the sports relief campaign.
so HOT! seeeehhhh-mmmmmoookkkkkiiiinnnnnnnn...

thanks aida! again!

see ya peeps!


Afi said...


Monica said...

someone's a little addicted to illustrator, eyh? =D me tooooo!!!
LOL! =D AWESOME PIC! nice dude, nice! =D
the bday card so cute! hahah
enjoy the leeches dude. they only zuck your bloodz now that they're in your stomach. *gasp* =O anyway,
ARTS! OMG. hahahah.
holiday dude! let's party... get some champagne for our hormones. =D

Shahira! said...


Alia'a said...

HAHA. you're very right sarah...ish nasib baik you didnt post the scandolous scandal tau? tak baik kan? heh. I SEE DOUGIE!! lol. and apa ini Mon?? get champagne for hormones? that sounds...ehem; interesting.

Spazzomaniac said...

Pengdougie-an dilakukan terhadap Sarah = Dougiefied