Wednesday, 6 February 2008

of birthdays and teeth shaving.

it is the hollllllliiiiiddddddddddddaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssssss.

it was christiano ronaldo's birthday yesterday. [runs to the bathroom to vomit]
yeah. it was. lets not elaborate on that yeah?
muz was very happy though. VERY. heheh.
and guess what i found on youtube?
a video with michael owen AND christiano ronaldo. haha.
muz you have to go and see ok. and did you guys see the picture of his house in the papers?
*hdkfluahlhfewncf* !!! damn. gigantic!
muz? so you ready to move in dah la eh?

and then yesterday in school, we had free period during english!
and this teacher came in and started to brag about her son.
no,,im not kidding. she really was.

moving on. last saturday, afi, kai and me met up at afi's dad's office. heh.
for our SAK meeting number 2. *sing, "we're making money, making money!" *
it was a blast. haha. because of the wedges that Aida goreng. heh.
for more details about SAK, go and cari in kai and afi's blogs.
i wonder whens the next meeting.

ooohhh..and people are still wondering WHO mysterious blogger is.
heh heh heh.
there are three candidates so far.
1. my sister, Nadia bt Rosli
2. Afiqah Md Noor a.k.a. afi judd a.k.a. Aj
3. Monica Caroline a.k.a monica strait
4. gossip girl/guy (this one doesnt count, ira!)

come one people!! any other suggestions?
i would of course tell him/her to give more hints on his/her blog.


omg! on last wednesday. during cavell practice. before cavell practice.
mon and me were sitting on the grass near the hall.
then suddenly sarahS came. the right,....
here comes the juicy part.
Sarah said something like "is that who i think she is?"
then me and mon werent really paying attention and had no idea what she was talking
about. so we just like "uh huhh..."
then sarah waved at someone.
then i finally caught on on what she said.
coz she tought the teacher sitting at the bench is my sister.
EYY!! haha. that was funny. it was. you guys should have been there.
heheh. weird.

speaking of my sister.
this morning kan, she got her teeth shaved.
how gangsta's paradise is that???????
i wanna see!!!
thats cool man!

and today i did the best thing ever!!
mcfly-youtubing!! woohoo. i watched their greatest hits so far ucap tour.
dougie was like telling the camera how he doesnt like his short hair.
dougie: its growing now. i'm gonna have some highlights on. and the we're back in progress!

and harry was wearing a tshirt and staring at himself in the mirror wondering
if its ok. (too tight or not)
then doug and harry stood together in front of the mirror. ( hair and shirt)

then they followed danny around.
then dannywas all perky and stuff and he walked into the dressing room.
where dougie,harry and tom were putting makeup on themselves.
then dougie coplained about how he put too much cover-up on.
then harry showed the correct way of putting it on.
then after putting the thing on, tom said that it was his natural face tone or something.
then he started to pull model like faces in the mirror.
and harry joined in.
haha. funny stuff.
in that video tom looks mighty hot! especially in a white shirt. nice....
dont get me started on dougie.heheh. he looked FIT!!
haha. yayyy!

and i also watched enchanted.again.
heh. mcdreamy was only hot when in a scene with the morgan kid.
prince edward? is so funny eh?

and did you guys watch AI? the one when got the beauty pageant girl?
haha. she probably thinks that simon loves her and all. but
he actually thinks that she's obnoxious. kan.
heh. kesian.

and we just came back from dinner with my dad's friend.
guess what i ate? mee mamak!
nice... then of course in kayu nasi kandar there's all this large screen tv.
so obviously it was on the sports channel.
and they showed...kaka! about winning the player of the year award.
haha. nice.
he showed his trophy.
imagine the oscars statue.
melt it.
and make it look like he is kicking a ball.
thats exactly how it looked like. but somehow the thing looked naked.*raise eyebrow*
probably not la.
kaka looks matured now. last time he looks so 'budak'.
mum likes him though. heheh.
one time, during the world cup i think. there was this amazing picture of
him in the papers.really hot and all.
and my mum was *coughswooningcough* looking at the picture!

haha. i hope she doesnt read this.
kakak! dont you go telling her!

esok chinese new year la!
so to every one....
yayyyy!! may you all lalui a very prosperous year!
ehhh...all the fireworks and all baru only finish.
nice.very nice.

ooohhhhh...and if you guyys have some free time, go and watch
jeff dunham's stuff on youtube.
he is like the BEST ventriloquist ever. EVER!
ever ever ever.amazing. UHH-MMAAYYY--ZINNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i couldnt resist putting this picture up.
i found it on google! (i love google)

can you see the fine print? ehehe. nice eh?

oooohhh...omg!!i totally forgot about one part of the youtube vid.
at the end of the video kan. the four of them a kinda weird video thing.

everything went black and white. then harry was dressed like in a creepy retro way.
black shirt, white vest, white bellbottom pants.
danny looked like some boxer guy.
tom and dougie baru keluar from the shower. so they were in towels.
then dougie wore shades. haha. so hot!
it was weird la coz you know....they were acting all wacky and stuff.

bloody nyamuk are out to get me.

going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.
happy cny!

"nice but mean. how weird.."


p.s. i finally get to add carol on my msn contacts thanks to mon!
p.s. thanks mon for the awesome-o picture card thing. totally gangsta's paradise!


Monica Strait said...


*does maniac hand waving in frustration*

miss you sarah!!!
go look for another swish guy in kl. ;P
then look for one for me too.
SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahira! said...

you can shave your teeth?

eyh sarah!
don't forget to bring back kuih kapit for me!
i wated for jia lyn's kuih kapit for a year d, still tak dapat.
mei's kuih kapit also!

sarah the dougie lover said...

ok ira!
i still have some at home.
unless my mum kau all already la.

happy cny!!

Renate said...

Okay you don't know me or anything, but i still had fun reading your blog.. Dougie is one fit lad! Loving the banner