Saturday, 9 February 2008

where's the yee sang at??

its the time of the year!!
yee sang time baby!!!!

this years cny '' lunch" reunion was awesome-o.
everyone in my mums family was there!
heheh.*evil thoughts* more moneyyyy.

my stomach was bloated with so much fooooodd.
yummy stuff.
good stuff..heheh.

during the yee sang eating part.
the parents were like saying things like "more money,more money.
quite a hilarious moment if you ask me.

and the waiter kept on refilling our cups with chinese tea.
gila i tell you. you know like all the hotel dinners or lunch how they
keep refilling you water glass.
the minute you put down your cup , they come charging towards
you with a pot of tea and starts pouring.
and your fingers have not even left the cup!
heheh. nasib baiklaaaa the tea sedap kan!

the family!!

the "young adults"
cool eh? all girls!!

after the cny lunch, we headed back to my aunts house in kajang.

then yesterday, we went for my granduncle's daughters akad nikah.,
not really la. coz we kinda missed the whole ceremony.
hah. sad.
i should say she's my aunt. but it'd be kinda funny to call her maklong right.
she's like young!!

so anyway. when we were leaving, of course i had to salam all the aunty's,
my cousins and uncles and grandma, grandpa get my point.
then i was holding four bunga telurs.
you know the one on the stick with nice flowers.
so i was holding em while salam-ing the ppl.
and guess what? i managed to stab myself a couple o' times.
heh. how nice.
it was very sharp i tell you!
i have no idea why i wrote that.


*************sound of crickets*********

*runs into room, slams door and hides under the covers*


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Monica said...


whoa your family ramai orang eyh?

LOl. =D

see ya poynter!