Tuesday, 7 December 2010


i hope you realized that i said mighty mcfly chapS and not mighty mcfly CHAP.
teehee. won't want you thinking that i would be blogging about the legendary Marty Mcfly now would we?

not that there is anything wrong with blogging about Marty Mcfly. coz he's pretty fly for a white guy ;)
and there probably wouldn't be a McFly without a Marty Mcfly,
and there probably wouldn't be a Marty Mcfly without a Back to the Future,
and there probably wouldn't be a Back to the Future without the Back to the Future writer.
so whoever/wherever you are, mr writer, sir, I FREAKING LOVE YOU!

*starts to sing*
youuuuuuuuuuuuuu..... light up my life,,, you gave me hopeeeeeee...to carry onnnnnnnnn.
you light up my dayyyyy and fill my nightttttttttttttttttttttts withhhhhhhhh.....

wait, what was i talking about again?


so i've been scouring all over the net to post up something about mah fly boyz. i google imaged for new McFly photos. photos of 2010.
hahah. don't judge me for using google image! i know you people (people who come to my blog and ends up on traffic feed) actually come to my blog via google image as well!
*points finger accusingly*

hahah. please feel free to grab the photos anytime! i'm here to spread mcfly love <3

so basically i found some interesting magazine scans of the boys.
i'll start with Mr Harry Judd.

*press photo to enlarge, you'll need to coz the important part are the words :) *

so what i actually deduced from that is that Harry Judd is single. hahahaha.
How? Why? Do i think i'm psychic?
well. it's just a hunch *shrugs* here's an interesting photo i found while trying to google and check if harry is seeing anyone.

it looks like Harry is trying to grab LiLo's boob and Dougie is just silently encouraging.

ok. next up is Dougie's!

"At the moment i'm in my first real relationship. I hope it's the last"
haha. it might not be the best string of words. but still. he's trying to say that he's happy with frankie sandford and hopes that their relationship is forever right?

eventhough you are the first male celeb that i have the hugest i-want-to-make-babies-with-you crush on! i'm honestly happy that you're happy. and i hope only the best for the both of you :)

and now to Mr Tom Fletcher!

now Tom+ Giovanna.
"My girlfriend is the one. I'm going to be with her forever."
my goodness! ask her to marry you already!
tom and giovanna are pretty much super adorable. and tom is just obviously so sweet.
i bet all mcfly fans out there are just waiting for a tweet or tumblr or anything from tom saying that he's getting married.
they're just meant to be! and i hope they last forever too <3

and now i should go to Danny Jones. but sadly, i couldn't find his one! *GASP*
so to compensate for my lacking google image skills.
i'll put up a photo of him!

hm,. loving his new tatt. he loves totally older now right?
ok2. since this post is sort of about mcfly boys in relationships. don't worry.
have i ever let my readers down?

there you go :)
a photo of danny and his girlfriend Georgia Horsley.
i took the time to google her. hehe. She's Miss England 2007! She is gorgeous.
and look at the photo! they look so adorable! ador! adorbs! ;)
ooh. and go ahead and google her. haha. she's brilliant as well! beauty and brains eh danny boy?

right well. that's it for my post today.
i hope you guys enjoyed the photos as mush as i did.
and if you, yes you! know if harry IS dating and who the lucky lady is, leave me a shout in the comment yea?

adios amigos!

p.s. go and get McFly's new album Above The Noise in record stores near you.


Monica said...

cantik their girlfriends :D

and the Harry-the-boob-grabber pic, lol!

Tom is starting to grow on me O:

Afiqah Md Noor said...
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MissSkyeFletcher said...

Well im sorry i dont know who Harry Mark Christopher Judd is dating but i can explain who he had a cheeky one night stand with. *Can i have a drumroll harry?*
It was Lindsay Lohan!!! :D
It was cheekily wrote in the mcfly song, Please, Please.
Hope that helps ya blogging!!!